Iota Upsilon Chapter 

at the 

University of Ottawa


Big and Little Sister

One of the great parts of joining a sorority is getting a Big sister. Thanks to the Big/Little team, who start planning right from recruitment, Bigs and Littles (as they are called) are perfect matches! When she is revealed to you after a week of anonymous gifts, your Big becomes your mentor; your go-to person who knows all the ins and outs of adjusting to Greek Life.

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Joining Alpha Phi doesn’t just connect you to a network of empowering women, it opens the door to an entire community of motivated, upstanding, and engaging individuals. The Greek community as a whole helps maintain bonds through themed mixers of everything from Woodstock, Superbowl even Hollywood!

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Being Alpha Phi is not just for four years, it’s for life! Our sisters may go on to serve as a traveling consultants for the 170 active chapters, work for Alpha Phi International, become an advisor to their local chapter, or simply organize alumnae events for Alpha Phi sisters in their area. As one of the oldest and largest fraternities we owe our success to the continued dedication of all our sisters.

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