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Alpha Phi values each member's passion for education, knowledge and achievement. Our founders were ten of the first twenty women admitted to Syracuse University in 1872 and they had the courage to persevere to earn a college education despite societal expectations at the time.
— Alpha Phi International

Today at the Iota Upsilon chapter, the value of scholarship is still upheld and remains a respected and cherished aspect of our fraternity. Our sisters strive to achieve the highest ideals of scholarship, each member working towards their own individual goals while supporting one another though their scholastic journey.

In order to assist members in reaching their academic goals, weekly prizes are distributed to encourage and celebrate academic success, study rooms are booked for members, and sister-to-sister peer tutoring services are provided. Members of Alpha Phi also benefit from personal meetings with the chapter's director of academics who can be of service in assisting members reach their personal goals and seeking out the appropriate resources and services to help them do so. The Iota Upsilon chapter has placed a great importance on goal setting, organization and academic motivation and has developed programs to develop these skills. There are also opportunities to apply for scholarships from the Alpha Phi Foundation and these recipients are chosen based on their scholastic record, service to Alpha Phi and the community, campus involvement, and recommendations.

We seek the highest ideal of womanhood, and we try to gain this ideal by cultivating...the power and passion for seeking intellectual development.
— Constitution of Alpha Phi International Fraternity

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